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It is a real bedrock bath with all 42 kinds of ore including black silica, germanium, and bad gastein ores.

Temperature setting of usual bedrock bath is about 46-47 degrees, but the feature of our bedrock bath is installing the hot bed set as 50-53 degrees in each booth. (Ladies’ bed only)

Business hours

Until from 10:00 to 22:00 (Last reception desk 21:00)


GeneralStudent descounCoupon ticket(*)
Rate1,200yen(tax included)1,000yen(tax included)Ten times 9,700yen(tax included)
Twenty times 17,200yen(tax included)
Noteonece 90 munites, include towel gownThe student identification card representation, onece 90 minite, include towel gown
  • * We perform a coupon campaign three times a year.